Terms and Conditions of Sale

Commercial Name: CTLDA – Casa do Tear, Lda (hereinafter referred to as CTLDA), taxpayer no. 510 274 ​​013, tax domicile at Travessa do Monte de Cima, 8, 3860-722 Pardilhó, address in which the physical store is located. By using the CTLDA website, you accept the Terms and Conditions of Sale contained herein. CTLDA reserves the right, on a timely basis, to amend these Terms and Conditions.

1. Prices and Deliveries

All prices on this site include VAT at the legal rate in force.

Orders can be shipped throughout the country and islands, as well as to Europe, within three to ten days, depending on destination. Delivery to other destinations must be subject to prior consultation, through a message sent to e.mail: geral@casadotear.com.pt. The existence of holidays, bridges or other festive events may delay delivery.
The shipping price is variable and is calculated based on the destination and the total weight of the order.

Orders begin to be processed after confirmation of payment, which must be done within 24 hours. After this time it may not be possible to guarantee delivery, particularly if they are single pieces.

Given the time interval between ordering, accepting and sending the confirmation e-mail, stock availability can not be guaranteed. In some cases you can produce the part on demand, however, and because they are manufactured articles, they will never be exactly the same parts.

2. Payment

Payments must be made by bank transfer in one of the ATM boxes or by homebanking.

It is advisable that, after completing the order, keep the number with which you have registered and, when transferring to IBAN PT50 0007 0000 0011 6414 8422 3 (CTLDA – Casa do Tear, Lda), indicate the number of your order (in case of recourse to homebanking). The proof of payment must be sent to geral@casadotear.com.pt

The order will be sent after confirmation of the receipt of the bank transfer, by the bank. If the bank transfer is not consummated within 3 days from the time the order was placed, it will be canceled.

3. Cancellation, Return and Exchanges

In the case of 100% manufactured products with recycled raw materials, there are small imperfections that can not be considered defects and as such justification for return / exchange of articles.

a) General conditions:
Only refunds of new, complete and properly packaged items will be accepted. Incomplete, damaged or used items by the customer will not be accepted. Returns must be accompanied by a copy of the simplified receipt / invoice.
The Client has a period of five days to communicate his intention by email and to return or exchange the articles. It is requested that you indicate the order number in the mail exchange.
The receipt of returns that do not fulfill the aforementioned conditions implies that the Customer will not be entitled to any refund and will be proposed to reship that return with the next order. If Customer refuses and intends to retrieve the item, it will have to arrange a collection of the articles in our facilities and bear the corresponding charges.

b) Cancellation of order:
You can only cancel an order if it is in a pending state, which means it has not yet left our warehouse. For this it is imperative to contact the CTLDA by email or telephone and, informing all the data of the order, manifest the claim of annulment, as well as the IBAN for possible credit of the amount paid.

c) Return of order / product:
The shipping costs are free if the reason for the return is the responsibility of CTLDA.
If the reason is the responsibility of the Customer (changed his mind or was wrong to order, for example), the cost of the collection will be discounted to the amount of the refund.

d) Product exchanges:
If you want to exchange the article, you should proceed as in a normal return, but indicating that you want to exchange the product for another. Only articles are exchanged for others of equal or greater value.

(e) Methods and repayment terms
CTLDA will do its best to reimburse the Customer as soon as possible, however, for a maximum period of 15 days from the date of arrival of the return to your warehouse.
In case of canceled order (paid but not sent) the maximum term for the refund is 5 days. To do this, you must enter your bank details in order to proceed with the refund.

(f) reimbursement of transport costs
The CTLDA reimburses the costs of transporting parcels whose return is under its responsibility. However, you do not reimburse the cost of transporting an order for multiple products if only one of them is returned.
When the return is the responsibility of the Customer, the Customer will bear the respective transportation costs.

g) Refusal to order
CTLDA may refuse orders where any of the following conditions exists:
– information incorrectly posted on the site, including information on prices and / or promotions;
– there is an article in stock rupture;
– there is an inability to obtain payment authorization;
– there is evidence of a fraudulent order.
In this case you will be immediately contacted by our services.

h) By the Portuguese legislation and according to the EU regulations (DL n 24/2014, artice 4º) the client have the rigth to terminate the contract following the legal procedures here desciminated.

4. Security and Privacy

CTLDA guarantees the confidential and safe handling of all information provided by customers. All personal data collected by the site is exclusively for the commercial use of CTLDA, and in no case is made available to third parties not involved in the process.

Through the website or any other form of contact, the Client will always have access to your personal data and the possibility to remove or update them.

5. Additional Information

CTLDA takes all reasonable precautions to ensure that the information provided on this site is accurate, in particular as regards the prices displayed.

Despite the effort to make the colors of the articles presented as reliable as possible, you can not guarantee that the resolution of each monitor will display the correct colors.

All sizes and dimensions are approximate values, however, try to ensure that they are as correct as possible.

CTLDA reserves the right at any time to change the information of the articles displayed here, including prices, colors and sizes.

Disclaimer: CTLDA works to keep the site updated, but we can not guarantee that the platform and its contents do not present technical errors, viruses or other elements that could damage your computer or any other type of technological device. CTLDA assumes no liability for any loss or damage suffered by you as a result of using this site.

6. Customer Support

If you have any questions, please e-mail geral@casadotear.com.pt or by calling +351 234 085 606

7. Dispute Resolution – Competent Forum

To resolve all disputes arising from the contract stipulates the competence of the Administrative and Fiscal Court of Aveiro, Portugal, expressly renouncing any other.